Tips for Taking Your Own Family Pictures

My style would be to hire someone to take my own family pictures but with a baby on the way, no real maternity photos taken and a busy summer schedule coming up, the best solution I had was to take our own. Here’s a few tips if this is the method you need to take!

  • Have a tripod and remote!. A tripod obviously makes it easier to position your camera exactly at the angle you want it and having a remote that you can program to connect to your camera makes it so you don’t have to run back and forth for each shot! You can take a handful and then check, and continue.

  • Pick a location that isn’t too crowded. I picked this beach and specific spot on this beach because I knew it well, and knew that we wouldn’t have a crowd of spectators on it. When your working with a possibly camera shy husband or kids having a location that doesn’t have people watching what your doing will make the process quicker, easier and possibly more fun!

  • Pick outfits everyone is comfortable with and that compliment the location. Whenever I shoot at the beach, I encourage my clients to wear colors that wont blend in too much but that also don’t stand out or clash. Because of the big logs and dark rocks I felt that different shades of blue, greens and grays worked well. You can never go wrong with earth tones and solid colors! Auden and Keawe’s outfits were from Target and Old Navy and my dress was from ASOS.

  • Take the full group shot first. If you have little ones you can wrap something around the camera for them to look at or bring a small toy or something to balance on top of your camera so they know where to look. After you take a few of those I snapped a few of Auden and Keawe snuggling and playing, took a few of Keawe and I and then set up the camera for Auden and I to take a few. This shoot literally took us 20 minutes or less!

  • Always use incentives. I’m not above a good bribe, and when working with little ones, especially your own kids it may not take much to get them to cooperate. Literally for Auden to smile I had a lollipop waiting for her at the end. Fruit snacks, smarties, etc. are all easy to grab and have them munch on even during a photoshoot if they need it.

Hope this helps!


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