Hi there



I'm the Bailey you've all been talking about. You're probably wondering all the intricate details of my life and why you haven't booked a session with me yet. Me too! Here's just a few:

  • I'm originally from the Bay Area (and still not willing to give up my 925 area code) . GO WARRIORS!

  • I'm a mom to a crazy energy 3 year old girl who literally runs full speed til she naps between the hours of 1-3 pm (a sacred time) and bedtime. I'm also probably a little tired because we just welcomed a little man into our family in June. If you want to hear a birth story basically like out of the movies please head to my blog to read up on that to get to know me REAL well REAL quick. Also, if you're wondering if I spend the majority of my time learning pointless facts about Paw Patrol, you're correct. #chaseisonthecase#rubbleonthedouble

  • I've lived in 4 states in the last 2 1/2 years and we currently are rocking it on the Big Island of Hawaii (Hilo to be exact), which is home to some awesome waterfalls, lots of roosters and wild pigs and the cutest downtown you've ever seen. Seriously, you've gotta see it if you're coming to the East side of Big Island! But if you can’t make it to Hilo this trip, I’m happy to come to you or anywhere you want on the Big Island!


Ok, let's get down to the nitty gritty and why you're really here! I've been doing photography for years now and I love getting messy in the sand with your kids, who if you're worried won't stand and smile (they won't for long), I'll be chasing them around while they do what kids do.

I'm down to get soaked in the ocean while you and your lover splash each other if that's more of your style and I'm also happy to meet you at a local cafe in town and get pictures of you on your awesome vacation.

I love being able to preserve moments in our fast-paced world. Whether it’s a BFF's girls weekend, the grandparent’s 50th anniversary family reunion or celebrating your big day I'm here for it!


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